Dear Customer,

We would like to invite your attention to the Reserve Bank of India guidelines on "Know Your Customers" (KYC) norms and obligations under PMLA 2002, which makes it mandatory for banks to periodically update records of the customer with latest information relating to their identity proof and address proof, e-mail ids, telephone numbers etc. Hence, we request the account holders to submit required documents along with KYC updation form at your Branch. The list of KYC Documents and KYC Form is made available at the Branch or click here to download. For more details contact the Branch Manager of the concerned Branch. We appreciate your co-operation in complying with Regulatory requirements.

Aadhaar Link Account :

LPG for Domestic Cooking is heavily subsidized. In order to restrict the use of subsidized LPG, for the benefit of genuine domestic customers, every household is permitted only one registered LPG connection in the name of one of the family members. However, every registered customer is entitled to receive refills as per his domestic cooking need.

  • Features :
    • Aadhaar is providing a unique opportunity to every resident of the country.
    • Integrating the Aadhaar number of the resident, by a one-time validation process, to identify the beneficiaries of subsidized LPG across the OMCs will help to clean their digitized data base, by de-duplicating the Aadhaar numbers.
    • Currently, domestic LPG is supplied at a subsidized price and the subsidy component is designed to be paid by the government directly to the OMCs.
    • It is desirable for the government to distribute LPG in the entire supply chain at the market price, removing the incentive for its diversion.
    • The integration of Aadhaar Number of the beneficiary and performing Aadhaar Authentication at the time of service delivery will enable the government to consider leveraging the Aadhaar Enabled Bank Account of the beneficiary.
    • The subsidy amount will be directly credited for a verified residential delivery. In such a scenario LPG can be supplied at the market price.

Benefits :

On opening an AADHAAR ENABLED Latur Urban Co-Op BANK ACCOUNT following benefits will be directly credited in your account :

    • Domestic Gas Subsidy
    • State & Central Government Salaries
    • and more

How To Link? :

  • Simple Steps for Instant Government Subsidy gain :
    • Step 1 - Open an account with LUCB Bank
    • Step 2 - Provide AADHAAR card number
    • Step 3 - Link your new account with AADHAAR card


  • If you are already a LUCB Bank customer :
    • Step 1 - Provide AADHAAR card number
    • Step 2 - Link your existing account with AADHAAR card
    • Step 3 - The Gas subsidy will be directly credited to your account.

The Government subsidies will be directly credited to your account! We are committed to offer Aadhaar enabled services to our customers for receipt of various Government Subsidies / Schemes through our Branches and other delivery channels of the Bank for financial Inclusion project of Govt. of India.

Unclaimed Deposits / Inoperative Accounts :

Unclaimed Deposits / Inoperative Accounts (Term Deposits, Current, Savings Accounts) which are inactive / inoperative for ten years or more.

Customers are advised to approach the nearest branch for payment of unclaimed deposits and submit the following for making the account live:

    • Click here to view and download letter Format for claiming amount available under Unclaimed Deposit
    • Photo Identifications proof
    • Address Proof
    • PAN
    • Details of accounts held

Customers can call +91 (02382) 259503, +91 (02382) 255235 for support on locations of branch

  • Cashless Banking:-
    • Internet Banking
    • Mobile Banking
    • SMS Banking

Internet Banking:-

This service is available to you 24 x 7. You can check your Account Balance,Download A/c Statement, pay your Bills, Recharge your Mobile/ DTH connection, do online Shopping and much more in a secure environment.

  • Benefits & Facilities:-
    • Bank 24x7 – anywhere, anytime
    • One View account balance for CASA, Fixed Deposit & Loan Accounts
    • Mini and Detail Statement Enquiry
    • Issued Cheque Status
    • Transfer funds online between your/third party accounts with LUCB Bank or any other bank account via RBI's NEFT system
    • View Profile
    • Shop online at over 1,200 websites; make utility bill payments and much more via Bill desk Payment Gateway
    • Pay your utility bills and even pay your Direct taxes through BillDesk

Mobile Banking:-

You can send money to a beneficiary account from anywhere in India from your mobile phone. The money can be withdrawn by the beneficiary from his/her bank account or any ATM Machine. Once the transaction gets completed the remitter and beneficiary will get an sms confirmation of transaction immediately.

  • Advantages of Immediate Payment Services to customers:-
    • Greater Customer convenience
    • Available on Holidays
    • Reduce Turnaround Times and Cost Savings
    • Extensive Application security
    • User friendly, simple interface
    • Mobile banking having an edge over internet banking
    • Available across the banks
  • How to get money:-
    • Link your mobile number to LUCB Bank account to get your 7 digits mobile money identifier(MMID) from the bank
    • Share your mobile number and MMID with the remitter
    • Ask the remitter to send money using your mobile number and MMID
    • Check the confirmation SMS for credit to your account of the remitter
  • How to send money:-
    • Register yourself for mobile banking with LUCB
    • Get your 7 digit Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) from the Bank
    • Enable and activate your mobile banking service of your bank on your handset by downloading LUCB Mobile Application, Register yourself into it and get Mobile Banking PIN (MPIN)
    • Get the beneficiary mobile number and his/her MMID
    • Send money to the beneficiary following the menu option in the mobile banking application
    • Check the confirmation SMS for debit to your account and credit to beneficiary account
  • Pre-requisite for Mobile banking through Immediate Payment Services:-
    • Register yourself for mobile banking services with LUCB using your WAP/GPRS enabled handset
    • Get Mobile money Identifier number (MMID) from LUCB.
    • Download software for mobile banking as per the guidance from LUCB.
    • Register yourself and get MPIN.
    • The beneficiary has to link his mobile number to his account and must have MMID number from his respective bank. The mobile and MMID number should be shared with remitter to receive the fund.
    • Daily Transaction Limit for Mobile Banking is Rs.50, 000/- .

SMS Banking:-

With this service, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number informing you about following list of SMS Alerts .

    • Transaction Alert
    • Cheque Return Alert
    • NEFT N10 Alert
    • Term Deposit Maturity Alert
    • Pending Cheque Alert