Reinvestment (RIN)

Reinvestment Fixed Deposit

Feel the power of compounding

Enjoy the true power of compounding with LUB reinvestment plan. A perfect scheme for investing a lump sum amount.


Features & Benefits

  • Term- Reinvestment plan is for 63 months complete and above only.
  • Senior citizen- Higher interest of 0.50% extra to Senior Citizen.
  • Interest Applicability- Interest at applicable rate for the period for which the deposit is kept, is automatically reinvested at quarterly intervals with Principle.
  • Maturity- Interest along with Principle will be paid at the time of maturity.
  • Minimum Deposit- Deposits account can be opened with minimum deposit of Rs.500 only.
  • Mode of Deposit- Deposit of Rs.50,000/- & above will not be accepted in cash.
  • Maximum limit- No maximum limit on deposit
  • No of Account- No restriction on number of accounts. You can open as many as you want at different times.
  • Loan- Loan against Pledge/Lien up to 90 % on Deposits facility available
  • Nomination- Nomination Facility available
  • Premature Withdrawal- Instant access to your funds when you need it. Premature Withdrawal is Allowed with penalty of 1% in applicable interest rate for the tenure of deposit as on the date of placement of deposit.
  • Deposit Insurance- Deposits are insured as per DICGC Rules((Website : www.dicgc.org.in )
  • TDS applicability-
    • As per changes in Finance Bill,2015 TDS on deposits is also applicable to members(shareholders) at bank level (instead of branch level)
    • As per section 206AA, every person who is in receipt of tax deductible income shall furnish PAN, failing to which TDS deductible at 20%(instead of 10%)
    • Form 15G/15H can be submitted to avoid TDS deduction if income chargble to tax does not exceed basic exemption limit.
    • In the absence of PAN, form 15G/15H is invalid.
  • Non Transferable- Deposit receipt are not transferable by endorsement.


  • All eligible depositors

Documents Required:

  • Identity Proof(PAN is mandatory for deposit Rs.50,000/- & above)
  • Address Proof
  • One recent passport size colour photo